Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your grapes?

We don't get grapes; we buy juice. As to where we get the juice, that depends on the type of wine we're making with it and the flavor profiles we're going for. Some regions are known for having exceptional chardonnay or merlot grapes, for example, so we buy those types of juices from those regions.

Do you serve food?

While we don't serve full meals, we do have a charcuterie plate available for purchase and complimentary salty snack mix. If that's not quite enough, we encourage you to bring in your own food. We regularly have people bring in pizza, for example, and the major food delivery apps deliver to JKC Cellars. Occasionally we'll have a catered meal or even a food truck. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or join our mailing list to be notified of those special events.

Do you do event rentals?

Yes! We've rented out the space for everything from a child's birthday party to a full wedding reception. Email us or come visit us to talk about pricing and what you need for your event.

Can you sell bottles on Sunday?

Yes! Since we're a manufacturer and not a retail establishment, we can sell bottles of wine on Sunday. In fact, we have a Sunday happy hour from 3-4 PM, 15% off bottles.